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Osteoporosis affects not only women, men also can suffer.

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osteoporosis Rheumatism

So says Professor Henri Joyeux about it (Letter of Professor received the 09/16/2015) - Excerpt:

The truth about rheumatism and osteoporosis!

I am appalled by the number of people suffering from rheumatism and very concerned women about "their" osteoporosis which one they talk more and more often. That's why it occurred to me useful to seek advice from my colleague Dr. Jean-Pierre Poinsignon, rheumatologist, to help you see clearly.

Pr Henri Joyeux: Why is it necessary to change his diet when suffering from rheumatism?

Dr. JP Poinsignon: Rheumatism represent a set of diseases linked to the human body joints and their immediate vicinity: joint capsule, tendons, ligaments and muscles. We must consider the body as a giant Meccano made ​​parts and machinery that have all gone through our mouth. The defects on joints represent only the wrong foods selected result, abused by the high firing temperatures, all in a modern industrialized food culture.

As the food soiling, small defects are found:

  • Bankruptcy cartilage generating osteoarthritis multiple
  • The failure of the bone and its translation osteoporotic
  • The inflammation multiple reflecting the desperate struggle of the immune system to try to rid the body of toxic foreign molecules.

On some sensitive genetic grounds, inflammation becomes chronic, opening the door to immune rheumatism. However it is never too late to correct the common food mistakes.

What medications do you recommend?

Symptomatic medications do not address the causes of rheumatic diseases , but trying to hide the grievances of victims who do not even know the reason for their misfortune. There are thirty anti-arthritic drugs on the market ... despite the daily prescribing rheumatologists them to their patients, orthopedic surgeons continue to replace damaged joints with prostheses (hip, knee, shoulder, etc. )

As I say to my friends surgeons, who smile, you work a lot because of the failure of the anti-arthritic drug rheumatology! Every five or six years, we invented a treatment for osteoporosis to supposedly fight against the common post-menopausal osteoporosis ...

But the promise of these medications are not required !

On the contrary, since there are "atypical fractures" caused by "drugs" anti-osteoporosis ... (sic). It is very difficult to calm the immune system when memory begins to attack the body tissues and maintain an autoimmune rheumatic disease.

How do you connect rheumatism and eating habits?

Finally beginning to realize the importance of micro-organisms that live in our gut: this is called the microbiota, which is totally dependent on our diet. Geneticists are trying to make us understand that our DNA and our genes are also dependent on our environment and especially our food environment. They even created a new science, the epigenetics, which opens the door to nutrigenetics . Awareness of the importance of our diet in relation to health is something very difficult: it is to change certainties.

Why do you advise to exercise when suffering from rheumatism?

Apart painful periods where rest is the best anti-inflammatory, it must be recognized that the exercise (rather outdoors) maintain joint function, oxygen the cells of various joint tissues and stimulates the removal of waste for disposal . The excess acid are removed by the pulmonary route and renal function. Cardiopulmonary function is stimulated. Cartilage require movement to remain functional as long as possible. Skeletal tissues need many compression-shear forces and stretch-torsion to continue developing trabecular bone strength and increase bone strength.

Man is made for walking, running, jumping (with legs) and lifting, carrying, pulling, etc. (With his upper limbs) ... But also to twist, bend, bow (with the spine).

Physical inactivity is the beginning of accelerated aging . She is responsible for the deplorable state of the musculoskeletal system of the West. Competitive sports also have serious problems with their musculoskeletal system, by excess performance.

The natural environment and the beauty of a site they can affect our health?

The contact with nature that we forget in modern urban life is surprising. This contact is a real trigger that revives the whole person. Clean air, the blue sky, natural contact with human beings, not stressed in optimal reception conditions provide an overall feeling of wellness objectively. Absorb adequate food for a few days to the overall gentle exercise, be in touch with therapists that explain the how and why of things is an experience that transforms us. We will not be like before. It now has the direction for better health and it takes control of his life.

From 27 September to 2 October, I will be also in the Spanish High Aragon, at Chemin du Lac, with the team of Dr. Claude Lagarde to help patients understand their rheumatism and osteoporosis. We will try to teach them to heal as naturally by changing their eating habits. The cost for social security is zero and all patients recommended under these Vitaregen days were mostly oriented differently to both the vision of their disease and their treatment habits. (33 June 13 63 February 57)

What is osteoporosis? Is it a disease "does not hurt" or risk of fracture?

When done skiing or when climbing on a stool, there is a risk of breaking a bone: this does not turn skiing or a rose on a stool in disease. Most members of the medical profession, the legal pretext of preventing fractures, confused in good faith with a disease risk.

Bone density measured by densitometer is not a true reflection of bone strength at the time of the review and even six months or a year after the review. It measures in a comparative manner and statistical loss of bone mineral filler without giving the state of bone microarchitecture, second very important factor in bone strength. Osteoporosis seems, therefore, that the signs of aging of the bone. It is unfair medically to transform the common osteoporosis disease ... but it is very lucrative. The risk of bone fracture is scientifically correlated with the risk of falling ... fight against the fall factors now seems more effective than any anti-osteoporotic drugs, characterized by their broken promises.

Why do you insist on the fact that today there is no consensus on the definition of osteoporosis?

Doctors are beginning to realize gradually that they were deceived. It would appear that the criteria used by Theodule a committee of "experts" headed formally by the WHO for establishing the diagnosis of osteoporosis using the famous meter, which postmenopausal women rise in "good health" and back down ... "sick", be seriously reviewed. Many women "osteoporotic" showed no fracture and physiological osteopenia - that is to say, the natural loss of bone minerals throughout his life - is not the beginning of a disease.

How does our skeleton (our bone physiology) and why, at some point, does it work properly?

Bone is a living tissue in constant remodeling. By the end of the growth and skeletal maturity, bone loses 2% of the mineral mass per year. Bone mass is proportional to muscle mass, which shows us the constant links between muscle function and the support function of our skeletal frame. It can reduce the percentage of annual loss of bone mass by promoting muscle function and having a healthy lifestyle. We can conversely increase the slowdown by being sedentary, smoking and having a food hygiene based on the modern diet that is poor for our health. The perimenopausal period of women is accelerated bone loss period, which restabilizes thereafter. It is very easy to frighten women in this delicate period, and tell them nonsense hormonal or fable about the benefits of hyper-consumption of dairy products ... He long ago that "the merchants from the temple" are sale revenue in medical sanctuaries.

It was always associated osteoporosis in women. According to you, men also suffer ...

Bone loss occurs in a regular slope in humans, without breaking acceleration of the perimenopausal period of women. Men have more muscle mass than women and enjoy a bone mass slightly larger, making there are fewer cases of male osteoporosis. Note, however, the greater severity of hip fracture in men than in women, which also occurs after 80 years.

You talk about several forms of osteoporosis. What are they ?

Osteoporosis is most known common osteoporosis of post menopausal involution or called " primary osteoporosis ", meaning that one formally known cause. The secondary osteoporosis are those whose causes are known: some endocrine diseases, type I diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, Cushing's syndrome, deficiencies in sex hormones as hypogonadism, some gastroenterological diseases, chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD or celiac disease, Crohn's disease, colitis, disease laxatives ...), severe renal failure, certain blood diseases. The main drug-related causes are related to cortisone, cyclosporin, anti-aromatase, certain chemotherapies. For completeness, we must mention the immobilization osteoporosis for more than six months, and the microgravity astronauts.

What causes the common osteoporosis?

The early osteoporosis is common (in my opinion a watchdog and independent liberal therapist) simply the result of poor physical health, throughout life, based on the modern sedentary lifestyle of the western world and food too acidifying with excess meat in rich countries, mutated cereals, dairy animal products. Geography and epidemiology of this trend skeletal lose too quickly bone mass is superimposed on the West and its way of life (the United States of North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand. )

The radius of prevention, what are you proposing?

Do not accelerate bone aging respecting a healthy lifestyle throughout its existence and not simply start when old age or menopause ... The lifestyle includes a gestural hygiene with minimum physical activity, since walking is natural movement mode of man, and a diet adapted to human genetics forged Paleolithic and not by eating the last 100 years. I propose the "organic" diet with lots of vegetables, less meat and cereals, the total eviction of dairy products, low temperature cooking with gentle steam.

Why do you insist so much on physical exercise?

Athletes have more bone mass because they have more muscle mass. Bone is a living tissue that can be stimulated by stress and minor impacts, hopping from one foot to the other, as happens in the race ... to run with a backpack loaded a few kilos is a good way to stimulate the bone ... if not having previously poisoned by bisphosphonates class ... "medicines" sold as "anti-osteoporosis" rightly hated by dentists as they can be to the original osteonecrosis of the jaw, very painful.

According to you, we must end once and for all with the dictatorship of the calcium in cow's milk ...

The calcium in cow's milk is for her calf , exclusively ... As growth hormones contained in milk cow, like cow's milk immunoglobulins, for the calf to fight against bovine diseases. I claim it takes away with the animal milk to humans ... at all. (The farmers are the first victims of our society chimicolactée.)

Can we prevent (treat) osteoporosis with drugs?

Categorically not. Vitamin D is not a drug, it is a hormone made by man under the action of sunlight. It is therefore a natural product essential to human health, which acts favorably on all human cells, in addition to what is already known on bone cell. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, etc. are also natural elements of which we are made, and we can not talk of drug to them.

A final word to close the subject?

Epistemology tells us that medical progress is not linear. Scientific knowledge can advance by ... errors, mistakes, doubts, flashbacks, regrets. "To err is human ... It is diabolical to persevere" and especially want to wallow in it ... The concept of osteoporosis "menopausal woman's disease" has the lead in the wing, and that's good.

I warmly thank my colleague for his rheumatologist tips that will not grind toothache. The goal is not to please the manufacturers laboratories - as there are attached some doctors-journalists-media TV - recommending expensive drugs, unnecessary and often dangerous that plague increasingly the health budget .

My goal is to teach health to keep you in top form, his head on the shoulders and feet in the boots .

Good health to all

Henri Joyeux

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